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Transportation Incident Management

Transportation providers need trusted and experienced specialists on-site in a timely manner to address accidents and emergencies occurring throughout the United States. We handle various liability claims, including pollution incidents, cargo trans loading, driver drug testing, causation analysis and cargo recovery. We provide photographic documentation and detailed reports, addressing each assignment according to the client’s needs.

We manage claims of all sizes from small cargo claims, to complex incidents such as chemical tank truck accidents resulting in fatalities and potable water contamination. Through our 24-hour hot line (800-355-4067), Piedmont Risk Management successfully addresses hundreds of incident claims a year.

Environmental Pollution Claims Adjustment

Expertise required in a multifaceted environmental claim should not be underestimated. Piedmont Risk Management provides qualified service contractors nationwide to manage comprehensive environmental situations. Our certified industrial hygienists assess toxic air, mold, and water-born contaminants assuring a claimant’s health-related issues are professionally investigated. Our team of experienced specialists ensures that each claim is handled professionally and expediently to minimize or eliminate potential health risks.

For abatement of environmental problems, we provide workable plans and solutions, solicit bids, review and then make recommendations to the insured. Our expertise in evaluating and resolving environmental pollution claims allows us to maintain ongoing relationships with national companies, including the largest residential extermination business in the United States.

Third-Party Administration

Engaging a third-party agency to manage a company’s insurance claim settlements saves time and money. Our understanding of risk, claims and services allows us to provide full-service third-party administration. We can immediately respond and address various types of losses including general liability, commercial transportation, automobile liability, property loss, physical injuries, worker’s compensation, environmental exposure and marine cargo surveying.

Our resources enable us to tailor our services to each client’s specialized needs. We provide centralized written documentation of losses and real-time reports, available in person or by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Financial Services and Forensic Accounting

Claims can be costly. They are time consuming and often times confusing. Stakeholders want to know: How much should it cost? How much will it cost? How is the money being spent? Is the insured being overcharged?

Piedmont Risk Management can answer these questions. We review claims, analyze costs and investigate fraud, providing oversight and support. We can also determine if there are other responsible parties and if the claim should be subrogated.

We offer a wide range of services, from reviewing a contractor invoice for clean up at a fuel spill, to assessing medical bills and health claims related to alleged exposure to toxic chemicals, mold and asbestos.

Forensic Engineering and Testing

When multiple parties agree to work together on a project, determining who is responsible for damage is often challenging. Through our team of forensic engineers, we can precisely identify the causes, defects and origins of a significant loss.

For example, it was vital for one of our clients to determine whether the residents’ wells in a subdivision were contaminated by insured’s construction activities. A subcontractor had blasted and removed bedrock for construction of a large sewer main. Near the blast site, water wells were contaminated by effluent from the septic systems. Several foundations and chimneys in the subdivision appeared to be damaged, and a resident complained his illness was caused by the contaminated water.

We conducted blast studies, failure analysis, analytical testing, materials testing, causation analysis and health evaluations. Our research showed that the septic tanks were improperly installed ten years prior to the incident. The developer had bribed the septic tank permit inspector at the health department, causing the septic tanks to be installed too close to the wells in unsuitable soil.

Our tests proved the foundation and chimney damage occurred prior to the blasting and construction. The insured was not at fault, the claim was resolved, and municipal water was provided to the subdivision.

Specialized Reverse Logistics

Our reverse logistic services properly handle and dispose of a company’s products or chemicals that require specialized controls. We inventory and manage all types of obsolete chemicals, pesticides and out-of-date commercial products and pharmaceuticals.

They are shipped to our storage facility, inventoried, packed and manifested for incineration. Then the products are shipped to a licensed disposal facility. Reverse supply chain management ensures total control and destruction.

Disposal and Cargo Recovery Management

When a transportation accident occurs, Piedmont Risk Management will have a crew on-site within hours to recover the cargo, repack and dispose of the damaged residual cargo. We work quickly and efficiently to determine the best way to get the undamaged inventory to its destination.

Catastrophic Loss Services

Following a disaster, the Piedmont Risk Management Mobile Response Team can respond to insured’s requirements within the area of impact with a fully-equipped, self-sufficient response vehicle. The unit is equipped with wireless, digital and satellite communications to send reports, photographs, claims information, and all supporting documentation anywhere in the United States.

Our team will be mobilized quickly, as demonstrated during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Due to extensive devastation and catastrophic losses in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Texas, Piedmont Risk Management Services organized a highly qualified catastrophe assessment and management team with various disciplines to address the insured losses in these areas.

Private Investigation and Causation Services

To protect assets, a company has to ensure their brand is not compromised in distribution channels. Because fraudulent and counterfeit production of exclusive merchandise can significantly impact a company, Piedmont Risk Management offers private investigation services. We also conduct transactional analysis to determine if your branded merchandise is being sold in gray markets or through outside licensing agreements. Confidential references are available upon request.

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