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Our Services

Our 24-hour hot line is 800-355-4067. Through our network of employees, adjusters, subcontractors and consultants, we are able to provide fast, efficient and highly skilled claims management services to our clients. Our company provides centralized written documentation of losses that includes acknowledgements, real-time reports with digital images and personal contact through e-mail, fax or telephone.

We employ claims adjustors, road service contractors, scientists, certified industrial hygienists, medical professionals, engineers and contract-specific specialists to meet our client’s service requirements. Our core competencies and areas of expertise include:

Transportation Incident Management

  • Liability Claims Management
  • Cargo Claims Management
  • Causation Analysis

Environmental Pollution Claims Adjustment

  • 24-hour Service for On-Scene Pollution and Incident Management
  • Human Health and Safety Claims Adjustment
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Mold Abatement
  • Risk Abatement and Liability Reduction Analysis

Third-Party Administration

  • Contract Services and Claims Administration
  • Negotiation and Settlement Administration
  • Integrated Multi-line Claims Services

Financial Services and Forensic Accounting

  • Forensic Cost Analysis
  • Fraud Claims Analysis
  • Cost Management
  • Consultant Oversight
  • Contractor Oversight
  • Claims Support

Forensic Engineering and Testing

  • Failure Analysis
  • Analytical Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • Causation Analysis
  • Blast Studies
  • Arson and Fire Investigations
  • Human Health and Safety Evaluation

Specialized Reversed Logistics, Disposal and Cargo Recovery Management

  • Cargo Recovery
  • Salvage Evaluation
  • Specialized Sensitive Cargo Disposal and Destruction
  • Inventory Control

Catastrophic Loss Services

  • Mobile Response Team
  • Commercial Property and Casualty Claims Adjustment
  • Incident Management Services
  • Crisis Management Services

Private Investigation and Causation Services

  • Brand Integrity Investigation
  • Liability Claims
  • Fraud and Counterfeit Investigation
  • Transaction Analysis

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Service Throughout the Nation

Piedmont Risk Management, Inc. is ready to handle claims anywhere in the nation.

What to Expect

  • 24-hour availability
  • Nationwide service
  • Experienced professionals
  • Timely reporting
  • Competitive rates